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The Process

The California Probate Process

Learn the steps you need to take for filing a probate petition in Southern California. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact Carey Eckert

File Petition for Probate
The executor or representative must file a Petition for Probate if the estate is subject to a probate case.
Hearing Date on Probate Petition - Letters Issued
After formally opening the probate process, this is where marketing, negotiations, and hearings take place.
Give Notice to Known Creditors - Accept or Reject Claims
The Representative must notify any known or reasonably ascertainable creditors of the decedent.
Court Approves Final Accounting
After the court approves the accounting, the petition will state who will receive what property from the estate.
Final Discharge
The representative must file an Ex Parte for Final Discharge and Order along with receipts of distribution. The court discharges the personal representative from his or her duties.
Publish Notice to Administer
As part of the California Probate Code, the person's death must be published in specific publication
Prepare and File Inventory
The executor or representative of probate property must file an Inventory and appraisal of all the deceased's possessions.
Send Notice of Final Accounting
The executor must file an accounting of all the transactions with the probate court.
Distribute Assets pursuant to Court Order
The Personal Representative is required to file a petition for final distribution or a verified report on the status of the estate within one year after Letters are issued
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