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Top Southern California Probate Agent | Carey Eckert
Carey sets high standards for himself. He believes in absolute honesty, integrity, and constant communication. His positive attitude and experience make all the difference when buying or selling a home.

Welcome to the Southern California Probate Agent website, where you can learn and guide through Probate, Trusts, and Conservatorship.

Going through these processes can be complicated and sometimes confusing. Working with a professional probate agent and attorney will help you through complex, paper-intensive probate real estate sales.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2003, Carey quickly found his passion for real estate and clients’ happiness. Carey has gained a strong reputation from his clients and fellow real estate agents as someone who really knows the ins and outs of the San Fernando Valley and beyond. His in-depth knowledge of neighborhoods, inventory, contracts, and home construction quality are unparalleled. His attention to detail and keen negotiation skills are essential in today’s competitive San Fernando Valley housing market.

This website can help you with frequent questions about probate and processes in Southern California. Don’t hesitate to contact Carey Eckert and make wise decisions.